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Игрок против игрока

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В некоторых режимах, персонажи могут сражаться друг с другом вместо избиения монстров (игрок против окружения, или PvE).


Игроки перемещаются на арену, где они могут сражаться в режимах "1vs1" или "3vs3".

  • Щелкните правой кнопкой на игрока и выберите "Вызвать на поединок".
  • Если он примет ваш вызов, вы будете немедленно перемещены на PvP арену.
  • Вы можете бросить вызов, будучи в составе группы, другой группе - группы будут сражаться друг против друга.
  • Если ваш вызов направлен кому то из своей группы, вы оба будете сражаться друг против друга.
  • Штрафы к сопротивлению стихиям на Арене зависят от текущей сложности игры, при которой вы бросили вызов игроку.

Захват флага

Themed around Act 2's bandit lords who vie for control of the Phrecian Forest, players enter Capture the Flag events in teams and score points by capturing and returning a flag from their enemy's war camp. Fighting alongside their bandit lord and his followers, teams must carefully plan both their party build composition and strategy for defending their flag while claiming their enemy's. We are also experimenting with three-way Capture the Flag events (with up to 18 players at once).

Sarn Arena

The Sarn Arena is a free-for-all PVP zone adjacent to the Sarn Encampment. The area is strewn with obstacles and corpses, with an elevated space in the middle that includes a shrine.


A competitive race in which players are allowed to enter others' instances at will and attack non-party member characters. Equipped items are dropped on death. The death experience penalty is increased by 30% on all difficulty levels. Killing a player awards their death penalty experience to the killer. Player capacity in non-town instances is doubled. This does not increase the maximum party size.


A tournament is a short duration event that you enter with a specific character. You play rapid-fire PvP rounds against other entrants, with matchmaking occurring within the tournament only. The goal is to accumulate as many wins as you can during the event, so you're encouraged to play aggressive characters that get decisive victories. Based on your overall placing in the tournament, you'll win PvP points which allow you to unlock various PvP-specific item rewards throughout a season. Tournaments can be 1v1, 3v3, FFA Arena or CTF.

PvP seasons

Seasons typically last about a month and consist of various PvP events players can participate in to win prizes. Every season has two leaderboards (one for EU and one for US) and a special set of alternate art prizes.

  • PvP season 1 ran from December 20th, 2014 to January 18th, 2015.
  • PvP season 2 ran from February 15th to March 16th, 2015.

PvP Damage scaling

The scaling algorithms as of our most recent 1.3.0 alpha build are[1]:

((D/ T) / 125)^0.61 * 125 * T

for physical and chaos damage, and

((D/ T) / 290)^0.58 * 290 * T

for elemental damage, where

  • “D” is the damage of an individual hit.
  • “T” is the attack or cast time of the skill it comes from, or the assumed attack or cast time we have determined for that skill (see below).

For skills that don’t fit this algorithm due to a lack of attack time or due to some other innate advantage they provide we use a series of time assumptions and/or manually reduce or increase the damage further.

The full list of skills that have some other form of scaling applied are:

Supports that override PvP scaling on hit damage:

Skills that override PvP scaling on damage over time:

Наземные эффекты PvP scaling:

  • Ground Fire: Fire Damage Per Minute scaled with an assumed T of 24.0 seconds.
  • Desecrated Ground: Chaos Damage Per Minute scaled with an assumed T of 24.0 seconds.
  • Poison Cloud: Chaos Damage Per Minute scaled with an assumed T of 24.0 seconds.

Passive skills PvP scaling:


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