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List of Path of Exile related websites

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Official[править | править код]

Link Description
Forum Official Path of Exile Forum
Trading Official Path of Exile trading site
Passive Skill Tree Javascript-based passive skill tree which can be used to simulate builds and link to builds
Race Seasons Shows the current race season events
Twitter Twitter
Grinding Gear Games Homepage Homepage of Grinding Gear Games, the studio developing Path of Exile

Resources[править | править код]

General[править | править код]

Link Authors Description
Developer Tracker rz2yoj Tracks the post from GGG staff members on the official forums.
Vorici Chromatic Calculator Siveran Estimates the success chance and average cost of colouring sockets through Crafting Bench.
Aura Calculator Mikelat Calculates how many auras you can run.
Path of Affix List of item modifiers for each item type.
Build of Exile lenemson Indexes the build threads on the path of exile forums and lets your search them effectively
Build Browser kaotisch Indexes the build threads on the path of exile forums and lets your search them effectively
PoEDB Chuanhsing Path of Exile Database with English, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Portuguese
Path of Exile Builds Zoja Indexes builds from the forums and the web and lets you search them effectively
Poe RoadMap TheConcepteur Tool for leveling in Path of Exile and list of indexes build.
Poelab poelab Website that shows all Labyrinth Layouts everyday.
PoEParty Website to help players easily [and instantly] search, sort, and filter through listings created by other reputable players (as indicated by player rating/feedback). Primary listing types include match-making facilitation for: Player-created events & races; In-game services such as carries; and Group/guild recruitment. Think of it as a poetrade-like website, but for non-item-specific things, which can not be sold via premium tabs :) - just find what/who you're looking for, copy whisper, paste in-game, and you're done! We hope it helps put an end to players' global 820 'woes.'
PoE Vault News, guides, builds and items database, and dev tracker.
PoELeague Private League Indexer
Craft of Exile Craft simulation and estimation of crafting price

Reddit[править | править код]

Link Description
r/pathofexile General purpose Path of Exile reddit
r/pathofexiledev Reddit dedicated to developing tools related to Path of Exile
r/pathofexilebuilds Reddit dedicated to sharing and discussing builds
r/pathofexiletrades Trading reddit
r/pathofexilebuildlist Path of Exile Build List reddit
r/PoELFG Place to find other players to play PoE with

Passive Tree & Build Simulators[править | править код]

Link Authors Description
pathofpoe.com Builds ? Website that lists player-submitted character builds
poebuilds.io dota_is_better Website that parses the builds that are on the ladders. Making it easy browsing the ladder to see what builds the top people are playing.
poeplanner.com poeplanner Online build planner
poeskilltree.com EmmittJ Online skill tree planner

Trading[править | править код]

Link Authors Description
poe.trade Shop Indexer xyz Indexes the shop threads on the path of exile forums and provides extensive features to search for items for sale. This is how to sell your own items
poe.ninja Economic Overview rasmuskl The site constantly consumes Path of Exile's Public stash tab API, keeping track of all relevant items for sale. The data is analyzed and aggregated to approximate exchange rates between currencies and prices of items.
PoE-Antiquary ExTeaSea Grabs data off poe.ninja to display price data from past leagues
poeapp for Trading subtract Uses Path of Exile's Public stash tab API to index in-game items that are for sale. Provides a convenient way to search for those items and to save your searches.
poeprices.info price check SlugPranker A simple tool to price check items in path of exile by "copy and paste".
PoeMap snql Real time exchange of atlas maps

Hideouts[править | править код]

Link Authors Description
HideoutShowcase Namanix Hideouts import file database and calculator. Contains screenshots, videos, master level required, decorations needed, etc.
poe.house Max Suleimanov Hideouts import file database. Contains screenshots and decorations needed.

Item filters[править | править код]

Link Authors Description
FilterBlast Dissolator Web-based tool and platform created to help to make, share, update and enjoy ingame loot filters.
ItemScript Editor bschug Online item filter editor
FilterBlade NeverSink NeverSink's Lootfilter Customizer
FilterCloud bschug FilterCloud: customizable filter

Other[править | править код]

Link Authors Description
Skill Gem Finder Gyromitre Skill Gem Finder

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