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The mod template is used to create a formatted mod page.


The template will do the following:

  • create an introductory sentence on the page
  • create infoboxes
  • add relevant categories to the page
  • add semantic properties to the page

Custom sections should go below the template.


All parameters should be filled in if possible to ensure it's working correctly.

Consider using PyPoE to export a template, example:

pypoe_exporter wiki mods mods --wiki <id_of_the_mod1> [id_of_the_mod2] [...] [id_of_the_mod3]


Parameter Type Description
id str (unique) Internal Id of the mod.
name str Name of the mod as shown in game. Can be empty.
mod_group str Internal name of the mod group.
mod_type str Internal name of the mod type
domain int (1<=x<=11) Domain id of the mod.
generation_type int (1<=x<8) generation_type id of the mod.
level_requirement int (1<=x<100) The level requirement of the mod.
stat_text str Parsed text of the stats the mod has. In particular this means human-readable text as well as reformatted values - pretty much what the end user sees in game.
tags list of str List of comma-separated tags the mod has (i.e. used to categorize the mod itself). Separate each tag with exactly , (1 comma and 1 space).

Multiple arguments

Replace <N> with the number of the argument. Start numbers with 1, and don't leave gaps. The order matters and each parameter must be specified for an individual element of N.


Code support: 1 <= N <= 4

Parameter Type Description
stat<N>_id str Internal id of the stat
stat<N>_min str Minimum value for the stat. Minimum can equal maximum if there is no range.
stat<N>_max str Maximum value for the stat. Minimum can equal maximum if there is no range.

Spawn Tags

Code support: 1 <= N <= 15

Parameter Type Description
spawn_tag<N> str Internal name of the tag used for the spawn weighting
spawn_value<N> int (0<=x) Value to be used for the spawn weighting

Cargo tables

Cargo table declarations:

Name Declaration
mods {{Mod/cargo/main_table}}
mod_sell_prices {{Mod/cargo/mod_sell_prices}}
mod_stats {{Mod/cargo/mod_stats}}