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Spell Damage describes damage done directly by skills with the Spell Keyword. It does not increase the damage of minions even if they are created with a spell.

Spell Damage Passives

Basic Spell Damage Passives are:

  • 4 x Spell Damage (12%)
  • 4 x Spell Damage (8%)
  • 3 x Spell Damage (6%)

For a total of 11 Spell Damage (passive skill) nodes granting 98% increased Spell Damage.

Other passive skills which increase Spell Damage:

Наименование Бонусы
Урон чарами за заряд энергии
  • 4% увеличение урона от чар за заряд энергии
Вдохновение болью
  • На 30% больше урона от чар при малом количестве здоровья.
Путь ученого
  • 16% увеличение урона от чар
  • +20 к максимуму маны
  • +20 к интеллекту

Other passive skills affecting Spell Damage:

Наименование Бонусы
Уворот от чар
  • 30% шанс увернуться от урона чарами

Spell Damage Item Mod Prefixes

Spell Damage is available as three different families of Item Affixes, all of which are prefixes:

  • Spell Damage
  • Weapon Spell Damage
  • Weapon Spell Damage and Mana

The Spell Damage prefix is only found on амулеты. The other two families of prefixes are found on wands, daggers, sceptres, int-only щиты, and staves. The Spell Damage bonus on a staff has as higher range than the same prefix on one-handed items.

In addition, all wands come with an implicit modifier for increased Spell Damage.


For a list of all skills which count as spells, see Spell Keyword.

20pxRighteous Fire adds more Spell Damage to your other spells while it is in effect.

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