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Тасуни в Македах

Тасуни является жителем города Македы в четвертом акте. Игроки могут поменять у него свои Гадальные карты на предмету указанные в них.


Older brother to the far more respected Kira. Tasuni was ‘touched by corruption’ at birth. Pale,deformed, and without sight. Such children are left upon the plains as gifts to the gods, but come morning Tasuni remained. His tribe took this as a sign and raised him regardless of his deformities.

He is physically weak and sickly, yet possesses the ability to mentally connect with Nightmare through visions and intuitions. This gift allows him to glimpse what might really be occurring within Highgate. Otherwise disrespected, disregarded, and viewed as inferior to his younger sister, Tasuni covets the interest Oyun takes in his talent.

Tasuni’s visions of the Nightmare differ from other such seers for he can see and understand the very patterns of Nightmare. He is effectively picking up on snippets of Malachai’s plan, the growing powers within the Beast, and the full awakening of the Beast resulting in the world finally being shaped in its image. Tasuni takes pleasure in moments when he can ‘lord it’ over his feminine betters, retelling his visions with feigned mystery, sinister threats and healthy dollops of condescension. Yet he is not always in complete control of himself. Constant “waking nightmares” have affected Tasuni’s state of mind, causing him to become disconnected from reality.

It is sometimes hard to tell if he is merely acting, or just genuinely insane.

Тасуни - старший брат Киры (старше всего на несколько лет; ему около 25 лет).