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Heist loading screen. From the left: Tibbs, Gianna, Karst, Niles, Kurai, Adiyah, Tullina, Nenet, Isla and Vinderi

Rogues are NPCs that work with the player during Heists. Each Rogue has the ability to pass specific doors and obstacles and unlock reward chests related to the rogue's skill set. Additionally, each Rogue has a perk that can improve loot, provide discounted blueprint reveals, or provide combat buffs.

Overview[править | править код]

When starting a heist, the player must hire a Rogue with the appropriate skill and job level required to complete the Contract or Blueprint.

During a Heist, there are multiple passageways that may be blocked or guarded, as well as larger reward chests that are locked and will require the Rogue to open them. Some of them will require time to open them, indicated by a timer bar. If the Rogue is hit while performing the job, the progress meter will decrease. Rogues cannot be damaged and will not die in combat.

Successfully completing a Heist gives your Rogue experience points towards the job utilized. Each Rogue has a level cap for each job.

Each Rogue has a passive perk that are applied to the Heist, which are improved based on their highest level job. Rogues can also be given equipment. Rogue equipment are split into four categories: Gear, Tools, Cloak, and Brooch. Each rogue will have a designated damage type, so the suitable gear with the same damage type will boost their damage output.

List of Rogues[править | править код]

The player begins with three rogues: Tibbs, Karst, and Isla. The rest of the Rogues are acquired over time as an unlocked Rogue will introduce the player to a new rogue during a Heist.

New rogues are introduced in the following sequence:


KarstHuckNilesVinderi Gianna

Isla does not introduce any new rogues.

Name Heist Perks Jobs (Max Lvl) Damage Type
Karst, the Lockpick 15% less raising of Alert Level from opening Reward Chests
  • Lockpicking (Lvl 5)
  • Perception (Lvl 3)
  • Agility (Lvl 2)
Projectile Attack
Tibbs, the Giant Can unlock 1 Mechanical Chest after Lockdown per Wing
  • Brute Force (Level 5)
  • Demolition (Level 4)
Isla, the Engineer 30% increased time before Lockdown
  • Engineering (Level 5)
  • Trap Disarmament (Level 4)
Tullina, the Catburglar 6% chance to find additional Heist Targets from Secret Reward Rooms
4% less raising of Alert Level
  • Agility (Level 5)
  • Lockpicking (Level 3)
  • Trap Disarmament (Level 2)
Huck, the Soldier Is a powerful Combatant and provides strong Buffs to Allies
  • Lockpicking (Lvl 3)
  • Brute Force (Level 3)
  • Demolition (Level 3)
  • Engineering (Level 3)
Niles, the Interrogator Can unlock 1 Magical Chest after Lockdown per Wing
Discovers a Blueprint Reveal upon completion of a Heist Contract Mission
  • Counter-Thaumuturgy (Level 5)
  • Deception (Level 4)
Spell and Minion+
Nenet, the Scout Can Scout nearby Enemy Patrols and Elite Patrols during Heists
5% less raising of Alert Level
  • Perception (Level 5)
  • Counter-Thaumuturgy (Level 4)
Projectile Attack
Vinderi, the Dismantler 10% more raising of Alert Level
Heist Chests have a 5% chance to Duplicate their contents
  • Demolition (Level 5)
  • Trap Disarmament (Level 5)
  • Engineering (Level 2)
Gianna, the Master of Disguise Discovers a Blueprint Reveal upon completion of a Heist Contract Mission
5% reduced Blueprint Revealing Cost
  • Deception (Level 5)
  • Counter-Thaumaturgy (Level 3)
  • Perception (Level 2)

Adiyah and Kurai can be hired in specific Unique Contracts.

There are three more NPCs in the Rogue Harbour:

+Niles can mind control enemies during heists, which will benefit from minion modifiers.

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