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Кража может быть выполнена с помощью контракта или чертежа в Разбойничьей гавани. Игрок должен проникнуть на объект, не поднимая тревогу, забрать охраняемый предмет и скрыться с этим содержимым живым.

Механика[править | править код]

Подготовка[править | править код]

To start a Heist, the player must take a Contract or a confirmed Blueprint to Adiyah, the Wayfinder. Before you can start the Heist, you must pay a fee of Rogue's MarkersРазбойничий жетонРазмер стопки: 50000Открывает портал в Разбойничью гавань из города или убежища
Служит валютой для оплаты услуг в Разбойничьей гавани
Щелкните правой кнопкой мыши по этому предмету, находясь в городе или убежище, чтобы использовать.
Для разделения щелкните мышкой с зажатой клавишей Shift.
. The fee includes the Travel Fee, your Rogue's Hiring Fee(s), and the Ring's Cut. Once it's paid, she will open a portal to the Heist location.

Infiltration[править | править код]

Initially, only a few enemies will be on guard. There will also be patrols of enemy packs or a unique enemy roaming the area. The area contains small chests that contain items, as well as bigger guarded chests that contain items of specific reward types. Opening chests will raise the alert level, the amount which can be displayed by hovering over them.

All items picked up during the Heist are marked as Contraband. Contraband items cannot be used, equipped, or identified and are dropped on death. The will be unmarked as Contraband as soon as you reach the escape point.

While you can't open portals during the Heist or Grand Heist, you may freely leave and re-enter the Heist portal before the alert is raised. note you must enter the heist instance itself, not just the portal room, before you can leave without closing the portal.

The area will contain blocked paths, obstacles, and locked chests that will require your Rogue to clear away or open. Clicking the button above the item will command your Rogue to open/unlock it. Some tasks will require some time for them to perform, indicated by a progress meter. If they are damaged while performing the task, the progress meter will decrease.

Imminent Lockdown[править | править код]

When the Alert meter is maxed, it will start a counter before Lockdown. Once this happens, the player will have limited time to retrieve the target item before it is sealed away. The default time before lockdown is 22 seconds.

When this phase or Lockdown occurs, some doors and obstacles previously open will be locked or rearmed, requiring your Rogue to remove it.

Opening chests during this phase will decrease the lockdown timer by 3 seconds.

Lockdown[править | править код]

Once the target item is taken or the Lockdown timer runs out, Lockdown begins. More enemies will spawn in the area and try to prevent your escape.

Any unopened chests will be locked during Lockdown. However, Tibbs and Niles's perks will allow you to open one small/medium chest during Lockdown.

Once you reach the escape route, the Heist is successfully completed. All Contraband items will be unmarked and your Rogue(s) will gain experience towards the Contract's job. The target item can be sold to Faustus, the Fence for Rogue's Markers. Rogues do not gain experience if the Contract was failed (didn't retrieve the target item).

Большое ограбление[править | править код]

Grand Heists are performed using Blueprints. Before you can start a Grant Heist, you must plan for it at the Planning Table. Once you have a confirmed Blueprint and paid the fees, you can open a portal to the Grand Heist location.

Unlike regular Heists, Grand Heists will require multiple Rogues to complete. The target item, inside a Curio Display, will be a selection of Experimented base types, Replica unique items, weapons or body armour with an enchantment, Thief's TrinketsВоровское украшениеОскверненоВы должны найти скульптуру "Улов" на чертеже Притона контрабандистов или Подполья, чтобы надеть этот предмет or currency (listed in the item description) instead of an item that can be sold for Rogue's Markers. You can only take one before Lockdown begins.

You may leave and re-enter the portal in between each wing.

Награда[править | править код]