Зверь в клетке

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Зверь в клетке
Зверь в клетке quest icon.png
Обязательный Да
Начало Talk to Tarkleigh
Задача Kill Brutus
Завершение Talk to Tarkleigh
Босс Brutus, Lord Incarcerator
Brutus, Lord Incarcerator

Walkthrough[править | править код]

Talk to Tarkleigh to start the quest after entering The Ledge or encountering Brutus in the Upper Prison

Tarkleigh: There's a fine line between man and monster. Brutus? He well and truly crossed that line.

Brutus is a big lad. And as you know from Hillock, big lads are slow. Hit, and run. That's the way to cut them down to size. Unless there's magic involved. Then... I'd ask Nessa to light a candle in your memory.

Quest Notification.pngKill Brutus[править | править код]

Kill Brutus in the Warden's Chambers in the Upper Prison

Quest Notification.png Talk to Tarkleigh for your reward[править | править код]

You have killed Brutus and found a way through the Prison. Talk to Tarkleigh in town for a reward.

Tarkleigh: The Warden's finally free of his own prison? Well, since you're so bloody determined to cheat the britches off death, you better have this.

And when they write the song about you, just be sure to mention that it was Tarkleigh who taught you everything you know.

Nessa: For some, death is welcomed with open arms. Did you end Brutus' suffering out of avarice, or mercy? Only you know the answer to that one.

Quest Notification.png Quest Complete[править | править код]

Quest Complete - You have slain Brutus and have received a reward from Tarkleigh.

Награды за задание

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Награды торговца[править код]

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