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Уровень области1
Тэгиindoors_area, no_leaguestone
Соединена сПески зверинца (Menagerie_BirdsReptiles)
Леса зверинца (Menagerie_Mammals)
Глубины зверинца (Menagerie_WaterCreatures)
Пещеры зверинца (Menagerie_InsectsArachnids)
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Area does not contain Rogue Exiles (скрытый)

The Menagerie is an area. This area has a waypoint and is connected to Menagerie Caverns, Menagerie Depths, Menagerie Sands, and Menagerie Wilds.

Overview[править | править код]

The Menagerie is a place to hold collectable beasts encountered in Wraeclast. The area is open for access once Einhar's Hunt quest icon.png Einhar's Hunt is completed.

Captured beasts end up here. Beasts are captured by Einhar once weakened. The collected beasts can be sacrificed in the Blood Altar for beastcrafting.

The Menagerie contains 4 sub-areas:

Each sub-area containing between 9 and 16 pens which hold the collected monsters sorted by monster type. There are 44 pens all up. Each holding pen can hold between 5 monsters (e.g. Amphibians->Gem Frogs) and 56 monsters (Arachnids->Spiders), depending on the pen.

История изменений[править | править код]

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