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Версия 0.9.8c

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История изменений

Описание патча[править | править код]

Эти заметки из официального патча Версия 0.9.8c, выпущенного Grinding Gear Games.[1]

  • Added five types of purchasable exclusive Kiwi Pets.
  • Added a Microtransaction Stash (the dollar sign near the mana orb) which you can use to enable/disable your pets.
  • Fixed a bug with chest spawns in the Ancient Pyramid.
  • Enabled chests in the Dread Thicket.
  • Fixed Anger, Wrath and Hatred to count as Fire, Lightning and Cold gems respectively.
  • Fixed the display of "Chance to cause status ailments" on the character screen.
  • Fixed a client crash that can occur if you change areas while typing.
  • Improved the Quest Screen Map hovers to add icons for waypoints and towns.
  • Towns are now clearly marked on the Quest Screen Map.
  • Long names now display nicely in the character panel.
  • Popups for skills which have no stats now don't display an empty stats information frame.
  • Fixed a bug where you'd get on-kill effects for replacing your minions.
  • Acrobatics no longer removes the physical damage reduction granted by Endurance Charges.
  • Fixed some display bugs with the social notifications.

Ссылки[править | править код]

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