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Версия 0.8.4

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История изменений

Описание патча[править | править код]

Эти заметки из официального патча Версия 0.8.4 выпущенной Grinding Gear Games.[1]

Features[править | править код]

  • Enabled forum item linking!
  • Added new skill prototype: Ice Spear (fires an icy projectile that pieces and chills nearby enemies. After a short distance it will arm, exploding on and freezing the first enemy it hits)
  • Added new skill prototype: Raise Spectre (raises a ghostly copy of a monster from its corpse which will follow you as a minion)
  • Added new skill prototype: Enduring Cry (taunts nearby monsters to attack you and adds Endurance Charges based on how many are nearby)
  • Added new support gem: Pierce
  • Made the "Synchronise with server" (=) key bindable
  • Set up new currency item icons (colour shifted for now) so that they are easier to distinguish
  • Incrementally improved effects, animations, sounds and world areas
  • There's now a UI option to disable items being picked up unless alt is held down
  • Overhaul of chat box that now supports partial scrolling of multiline messages properly
  • Tweaked UI colouring on the waypoint screen
  • Corpse targeting is now key-bound by default (rather than starting as "Always")
  • Added new gems as quest rewards. The new skills are available from the difficulty 1 Merveil quest, and the new support is available from several difficulty 2 quests
  • There's now a text notification as gems level up
  • The client should now be unable to log in to the server while it is not sufficiently patched

Bug Fixes[править | править код]

  • Fixed a client crash that occurs sometimes when a skeleton caster with attached arrows dies
  • Chests can now drop more than just equipment
  • Irrelevant monster mods won't occur on casters any more
  • Fixed a client crash with whispering
  • Spark can now pierce the same monster several times if it has bounced between each pierce
  • Fixed a crash bug that occurred when resizing the screen after linking an item in chat
  • Fixed up many incorrect world area names
  • Fixed a bug where whisper messages from someone in the same instance would appear as local messages
  • Whispers to offline players now warn you that the character is offline
  • Merveil now shouldn't fail to spawn her second form or her minions if you're too far away

Balance[править | править код]

  • Improved Energy Shield on items by 34%
  • Made unique monsters a lot harder
  • Made Merciless difficulty harder again
  • Disabled Multiple Cast/Multiple Attack gems. Sorry!
  • Substantially increased Flicker Strike's damage
  • Made spark do 45% more damage and increased its mana cost per level
  • Changed most lightning damage in the game to be a wider range of values
  • Decreased Act Two outdoors monster density slightly
  • The damage dealt by a shield charge is now proportional to the distance charged. Also increased shield charge damage and disabled it being usable with wands.
  • It's now more common to find two linked sockets on items. It's less common to find three-six linked sockets.
  • Epic chests now have a substantial bonus to dropped item rarity
  • Normalised all weapons in each series to have the same str/dex/int ratios and speeds. Additional series are planned.
  • Elemental bosses can now get damage increase mods
  • Reduced the "Stun Threshold Reduction" stat on items/passives/supports by 25% globally
  • Raised zombies now follow you
  • Improved movement speed and damage reduction of raised zombies
  • Merveil has equipped a multiple projectiles support gem

Ссылки[править | править код]

  1. Qarl (26 Декабря 2016). "Legacy Patch Notes - Part One". Официальный форум Path of Exile.