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Версия 0.6.9

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История изменений

Описание патча[править | править код]

These are the official patch notes for Version 0.6.9 released by Grinding Gear Games.[1]

  • Terraces are now smaller
  • Respawn window is in correct place after resizing
  • Passive skill screen now resizes correctly
  • Further nerfed ice nova, another 10% less damage
  • Fixed problems with skill icons appearing disabled when the skill can actually be used
  • Fixed problems with mouse button icons showing wrong skill
  • Can now open stash if inventory is open
  • Added edge scrolling to the passive skills screen
  • Passive skills connectivity tweaked for intelligence skills
  • Fixes to timing of Marauder stomp animations
  • Chat box now works correctly for long lines of text
  • Skill descriptions now mention weapon restrictions
  • Elemental hit skill now has correct gem hover
  • Monster descriptions now appear correct when window has been resized
  • Fixed some level generation crashes related to entrances not being in the right rooms

Ссылки[править | править код]

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