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Версия 0.5.13

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История изменений

Описание патча[править | править код]

These are the official patch notes for Version 0.5.13 released by Grinding Gear Games.[1]

  • Revamped water system
  • Ocean water has waves
  • Fixed passive skill screen bug (displayed skills incorrectly)
  • Fixed minimap not displaying on ATI graphics cards
  • Added wave attack for the sea witch monsters
  • Changed character selection UI to only have supported character classes
  • Fixed rare/magic items generating unidentified without mods
  • Whetstones and armour shards now increase quality by 3
  • Added message of the day
  • Fixed orientation of waypoints
  • Flasks now play no sound when empty
  • Fixed another bug with fireballs
  • Made disconnection messages more useful
  • Increased difficulty of the brute
  • Fixed some gloves icons
  • Prevented doodads spawning on town entrances
  • Added alternate attacks to some monsters
  • Added leap slam sounds
  • Reduced the effectiveness of life regeneration mods and global armour increase mods
  • Renamed Hunter class to Ranger
  • Strength weapon specialisations now add accuracy
  • Fixed some item sounds
  • Characters now play their "idle relaxed" animations in town rather than "idle combat"
  • Fixed behaviour of options "revert" screen
  • Made players transition between instances in a safer way
  • Increased idle instance server timeout to 180 seconds
  • Fixed an issue with sounds sometimes not being played
  • Fixed various crashes related to objects being hibernated and players transitioning
  • Improved textboxes
  • Area name appears on minimap
  • Items play drop sounds when they hit the ground
  • Fixed an issue with doodad collidability
  • Added damage mitigation totals to character screen
  • Added chance to hit and damage per second to the character screen
  • Prevented implicit mods spawning again as explicit mods
  • Added many new chests to all areas
  • Fixed parties so that you stay in your party after death and when changing areas
  • Fixed some crashes related to partial packet serialisation
  • Fixed bug related to having multiple item hovers open at once
  • Players now stick to towns correctly when leaving game
  • Quest bosses are now spawned at "Unique" rarity
  • Improved options screen resolution code
  • Added rubber-banding when the player is out of sync
  • Fixed double waypoint issue
  • Added a variety of new item drop and use sounds
  • Fixed issue with mod selection that resulted in wrong armour mods appearing
  • Fixed problem with doodads and other objects rotating as they appear
  • Improved character creation screen
  • Reduced scroll of wisdom drop rate
  • Added new variations of topologies for early act1 areas
  • Fixed crash when changing to fullscreen and turning on postprocessing at the same time
  • Changed layout of experience values on the character screen to be clearer
  • You can now see the level of other players when you hover over them
  • Added female scavenger sounds
  • Added brute sounds
  • Made brute's Upper Prison level smaller
  • Made all currency items stackable and increased stack sizes of previously stackable ones

Ссылки[править | править код]

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