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Большой сундук

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Large Chest

A Large Chest is a loot container that occasionally appears in certain areas throughout Wraeclast. These chests are often surrounded by packs of monsters. Opening a Large Chest causes a flurry of items to drop out.

Локации[править | править код]

All dungeon areas (subsurface or indoor) have a chance to contain Large Chests.

Some areas such as Dread Thicket and The Catacombs have a much higher chance for a Large Chest to appear.

Act 1[править | править код]

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Act 3[править | править код]

Достижение[править | править код]

There is one achievement related to Large Chest:

Название Описание
Кладоискатель achievement icon.jpg
Откройте большой сундук.

История изменений[править | править код]

Версия Изменения
  • Golden Chests [sic] have been removed from most areas due to Corrupted Secret Areas taking over some of their role. They still exist in the Vaults of Atziri for the achievement.